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“I was referred to Ciara from a few friends that has been in contact with Ciara and they highly recommend her.
My 4 month old baby had cried every single day from birth. mental was draining as I felt I was getting no where with gp or pediatrician in the hospital. she had sever colic and reflux she was so upset and I felt completely lost as I didn’t know what to do to help her. I got in contact with Ciara such a kind very easy to chat to person. she recommended 3 different remedies to use with my daughter and the difference it has made no she sleeps better not crying only for feeds/wind or tired. cant recommend her enough thank you Ciara x”
Michelle McElhinney, March 2021

“I was put in contact with Ciara when searching for an alternative treatment for a bad skin rash. Having spent almost 6 weeks on steroids and antihistamines it was beginning to impact my physical and emotional well being. I spent 1 hour talking to Ciara, she was very easy to talk to and the environment around us was very calm and relaxing. She was confident that the remedies she gave me would help and after a week of taking the remedies the rash had been reduced to a very small area, I am happy to report that almost it is 3 weeks later and the rash has gone completely.”
Aibhinn C

“I first went to Ciara about my acne but after talking with her, she discovered deeper issues and worked through them with me with different remedies. I had hoped for an improvement in my skin, but what I got was honestly an improvement in my life. After the first dose of remedy Ciara gave me, I felt lighter and happier in myself. She worked with me from there, layer by layer, helping me with my self confidence and self esteem, things I never thought could be addressed, I thought that was just how I was. Ciara helped me emotionally, mentally and physically. I now go to Ciara with the first sign of anything that is bothering me and she always finds the right remedy for me to make me feel better. I am so glad I know Ciara. I feel so much more confident about every aspect of my health now and the best thing about homeopathy is that it treats the issue without any nasty side effects. I couldn’t be without it.”
Fiona B, August 2020

“Ciara has taken care of our family (adults and kids) for the last number of years, not only is she kind and caring but she is wonderful at her job.
Ciara takes incredible care of her clients and listens to every detail and I have always been happy with the results of the remedies that Ciara has recommended.”
Karen Griffin, July 2020

“For a few years I was trying to manage my illness with medicines and hormones. I did not feel well and happy. In the end I was really fed up and tired. As my sister was already getting some homeopatic remedies with a great result I thought I give it a try. I was looking for a registered homeopath in Maynooth area and I found Ciara. Not only she helps me with my illness but she is constantly trying to address all my request like managing my hay fever with a great result. One year ago, I have noticed that during the pick season for pollen I needed to take the allergy tablets (like zirtec) only for 1 week while 3 years ago I was on tablet for 3 months or so. With this result I expect that one day I will completely get rid of my allergy. Ciara is extremely well informed homoeopath and a great listener. From the very beginning I knew she loved her job and she loves to help people and solve all the problems not matter how big or how small they are. There are so many homoeopathic remedies for one condition that one need a really skilled person to be able to find the correct and effective one. That was never a problem with Ciara and I would recommend her to anybody without hesitation.”
Monika W

I was looking for an alternative treatment for my daughter, and maynooth homeopathy was recommended, i didn’t really know what to expect as this was a new experience for us. However on meeting Ciara she put my daughter completely at ease and spoke directly to her on a level that she felt comfortable with. My daughter has made significant progress and I couldn’t recommend Ciara highly enough. A lovely lady and a pleasure to deal with
Lorraine Guthrie

“Ciara was fantastic in helping with my baby’s silent reflux, what she recommended resulted in him coming off medication (Losec) without issue. There was huge improvements all round and he was more relaxed. Ciara also helped my daughter resolve an issue around toilet training and the result was nearly immediate. She is so thorough in her consultations, leaving no stone unturned. I would highly recommend Maynooth Homeopathy, it is a 5 star service.”
Joanne McCarthy, October 2018

“I took my two sons (12 & 5) in different occasions to Ciara.
She is a great listener, asked lots of questions and made the kids feel comfortable enough to talk.The medicine prescribed worked in a matter of weeks and kids overcame their problems. The follow up was done and I could see that she cared about the kids.I’m very happy with the results. Ciara did an amazing job with both of them!”
S. Alberty

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