On your first visit Maynooth Homeopathy I will take a detailed note of all your symptoms and a thorough medical history. Establishing good health involves treating both mind and body so the Homeopath takes time to listen to both emotional and physical symptoms.

They will want to know a little about you as a person, your likes and dislikes, worries, fears, what makes your condition worse or better, when the problem started, family history and so on. The first visit usually lasts 1 to 1½ hours and subsequent visits are usually shorter. Your Homeopath will give you a remedy in liquid, pill or powder from with directions on how to take the remedy. Most complaints clear up quickly. Long standing or chronic conditions may take a while to improve although a sense of change should be felt from the beginning of treatment. The length of a course of treatment will depend on the type of complaint and the individual characteristics of your case. Your Homeopath will make an assessment at the end of your first visit.

Homeopaths choose a remedy to carefully match the patient’s individual physical and mental symptoms and their emotional state. The remedies are safe to take and have no side-effects. They have a pleasant taste and come in pill, powder and liquid form. Remedies are approved by the Irish Medicines Board which regulates all medicines in this country. They are made by strictly regulated Homeopathic pharmacies.

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Most private health insurance companies provide rebates for appointments with Registered Homeopaths. It is very important to refer to your own policy for specific details.

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